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Quilting Service Pricing

This price list is provided as a guide to self-estimate the cost of completing your quilt professionally.  Every quilt is special so we provide every quilter with personalized, tailored customer service. And, we know no one likes surprises. If you use our online ordering form for Quilting Services by Mail, the math is done for you, and we will call to confirm your order and/or changes needed before the work begins. 

Please note, the Quilting Services by Mail Order Form is used for basic edge-to-edge designs, regardless of borders.

For custom requests, please contact us (whether in person, or by phone if you are out of the commuting area), for a personalized price estimate based on your desires.

The price guide below is 'general' and includes labor, your design and OMNI thread in your color choice, 2 bobbins, and trimming.

Quilting Design Category Price per Unit
Edge-to-Edge – Basic $0.0255
Edge-to-Edge – Medium Density $0.0275
Edge-to-Edge – High Density $0.0380
Edge-to-Edge – with Border $0.0400
Edge-to-Edge – with Multiple Borders $0.0450


Extra Service Options
Square-up & Trim $5.00
Piece Backing $15.00
Quilt Top Ironing $25.00

Quilting is priced “per-square-inch” and for the thread-type chosen plus any additional services requested.

An Edge-to-Edge quilt design is defined as a pattern that begins at the top edge and is the same over the entire quilt.

Here is an example to quickly estimate the cost of quilting services for a typical queen size quilt with an Edge to Edge – Basic Design, using OMNI thread and purchasing the batting and backing from Log Cabin Quilt'N Sew.

Standard Queen Size Quilt dimension: 90 x 108 inches has 9720 square inches.

9.720 X $0.0240 is $233.00

Quilting Labor, Design, Thread, & Finish Trimming                     $233.00

108” wide Standard Queen Backing (3 1/4yd @16.49/yd         $31.40
108" wide Hobbs Heirloom Batting 80/20 (3 yds @$9.97/yd       $29.91

Cost of Materials & Quilting Service                                            $294.30

Please remember to add Tax & Shipping (as applicable)