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Quilting Service Pricing

Every quilt is special so we provide every quilter with personalized, tailored customer service. And, we know no one likes surprises. We will have a personal conversation with you to confirm all the details of your choices and our work, with accurate pricing, before we start on the project.

Quilting is priced “per-square-inch”, and basic edge to edge quilting starts at $0.026 per square inch. The per square inch price may be higher if you choose denser or more complex quilting. Thread is charged separately. There may be other incidental charges for service such as pressing the quilt top before putting it into the longarm, adding leaders if there are not at least 4" of backing on all sides of the top, repairs, and more. Please refer to the Preparing Your Quilt page for proper quilt preparation. If you follow the guidelines there, you will avoid most incidental charges.

An Edge-to-Edge quilt design is defined as a pattern that begins at the top edge and is the same over the entire quilt, including borders.
Edge to Edge with Border means that one design is used for the majority of the top and a second design will be used for the border only.
Measure your quilt top across the middle both vertically and horizontally. Multiply those 2 numbers and you have the total square inches in your quilt top.
We can provide a quilt backing of your choice from our wide selection of wide back fabric, at the listed price for that fabric.
We use Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting or 100% wool, which will be in addition to the above prices. You may provide a different batting if desired; please read the batting section of the page named "Preparing your Quilt".

Please remember  we will need to add Tax & Shipping as applicable.