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108" Blender Color - Hot Pink

108" Wide Quilt Backing Fabric in a variety of Blender Colors by Santee Fabrics. This size is perfect for backing a Queen Size or smaller quilts. If you want to avoid the higher cost, time and hassle of seaming the back of your quilts, extra-wide backing fabrics are the ticket! All fabrics are quilting-quality 100% cotton. COST SAVINGS: By using wide backing fabrics for the back of your quilt instead of seaming 44-45" fabric, you can save a huge amount of your hard earned money. For example: a king-size quilt measuring 100 x 100" only needs 2.833 yards of 108" wide fabric. If you choose 44-45" wide fabric, you'll need 8.375 yards. For comparison, purchasing 44-45" fabric from your local quilt shop at $12 a yard costs $100.50 for 8.375 yards of fabric. Purchasing 2.833 yards of 108" wide fabric at $16.49 is only $46.71. THAT'S A COST SAVINGS OF $53.79!!! If you are unsure if a color is right for your project, please contact me for swatch cuts to be mailed to you. Also, if you need between quarter-yard cuts (such as 2 1/3),I can provide whatever length cut you desire if you contact me directly.