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Backing Bundle 30%OFF - Taupe

108" Wide Quilt Backing Fabric in a variety of Blender Colors. This size is perfect for Queen Size or smaller quilts. If you want to avoid the higher cost, time and hassle of seaming the back of your quilts, extra-wide backing fabrics are the ticket! All fabrics are quilting-quality 100% cotton. COST SAVINGS: By using wide backing fabrics for the back of your quilt instead of seaming 44-45" fabric, you can save a huge amount of your hard earned money. For example: a king-size quilt measuring 100 x 100" only needs 3 yards of 108" wide fabric (includes 4" around for longarm quilting). If you choose 44-45" wide fabric, you'll need 9 yards. For comparison, purchasing 44-45" fabric from your local quilt shop at $12 a yard costs $108 for 9 yards of fabric. Purchasing 3 yards of 108" wide fabric at $16.49 is only $49.47. THAT'S A COST SAVINGS OF $58.53!!! If you are unsure if a color is right for your project, please contact me for swatch cuts to be mailed to you. Also, if you need between quarter-yard cuts (such as 2 1/3).
I can provide whatever length cut you desire if you contact me directly.